Window Films for Office Buildings

Modern office buildings tend to have lots of glass and such buildings tend to encounter more issues related to glass than other structures. For example, too much heat as a result of glare and sunlight entering the building and increasing energy bills.

There are various types of window films designed to solve different problems related to glass. When it is a question of sun control, there are window tints that can lower the intensity of sun rays penetrating through the window. This will keep the temperature of the room from rising. This will bring about decreased energy consumption and also reduce glare.

Sun control window film is also used in circumstances where there is needed privacy. Clinics, offices and other buildings can benefit from 3M window film on transparent surfaces and partitions.decorative window filmGlass is a fragile and is used in many office buildings. Additional security can be guaranteed by installing safety film on all the windows. Such films are usually made of polyester and fixed directly on the glass. If the glass is shattered, the film will help hold it in place deterring entry through the window.

Window films can also be used in office buildings for aesthetic purposes. A completely transparent glass may not always be the best option for a building that has a lot of unified glass paneling. For such buildings, tinted glass can work better because it does not only have a sleeker look but also provides more privacy. There are a variety of window tints available in various textures and colors.

The major reason why office buildings make use of window film is for sun control and energy savings. The installation of tinted window film is really hassle-free when compared to the process of reinstalling or replacing windows.

In fact, sun control window film can greatly reduce the heat from the sun. This also reduces the rate of fading of your interior furnishings, and this is another savings in the long term life of the window film. The time and money involved in installing a window film is not much when compared to the energy savings they provide.

Discover the Secret Benefits of Window Tinting

Choosing the correct window tint for your home, office or automobile can be a daunting task. Window film companies can carry different product lines of window film as well as different shades and film construction types. Window tinting companies provide different brands of film and different products to ensure that multiple price options are available to the customer (Good, Better, Best). Our Blog will discuss the different types of Window Tinting Films, Security Films, and Decorative Films J & J Inc. offers to our customers for their homes and offices.Window FilmThe 3M Window Films we carry are for residential and commercial window tinting applications. All of our window films reject 99% to 99.9% of UV rays. 3M has a lifetime residential warranty and a commercial warranty up to 15 years. Window tint comes in a variety of shades and colors in general the darker the film the more heat that is rejected. This is true for many films but thanks to 3M’s Prestige Window Films industry leading technology there are new ways to reject the same amount or more heat than a darker film while maintaining the views and aesthetics of your home or business.

Residential and commercial installations vary for each project. Certain types of film can not be applied to different types of glass do to glass related failure issues. J & J Inc. is aware of such issues and we submit a window tinting glass checklist for approval on every window tinting installation. Decorative window films are a great option for residential and commercial installations as well. 3M offers multiple standard, gradient, pattern, and textured designs. Fasara Decorative window film adds privacy, enhances design and adds value to any installation. J & J Inc. will work with potential customers to ensure that they receive correct film for their installation needs. At J & J Inc. we believe in the window tinting products we sell and install. If you have any questions please contact us today for a free estimate or DIY window film purchase. We look forward to being your Springfield, IL window tint provider or assisting you with your DIY project anywhere in the USA.