Why You Should Have Window Tinting Installed on Your Skylight

Did you know that many people have window tinting in Springfield, IL. Many choose to have it applied to their homes and businesses. Window film can be applied to any glass surface.
A window that is often overlooked are skylights. If you have a skylight in your home or business, here are the top reasons you should consider having window tint applied.

Reduce Glare in the Home

Skylights are wonderful for letting light into your home. However, at points during the day, the sun beats down into your home. That is when skylights can cast blinding light into your eyes. With tint, it will keep the glare down that shines through.


Protect Your Skin

The harmful rays from the sun are magnified when it comes through glass. To avoid the damaging effects of the sun on your skin, having 3M Window Film applied is the perfect solution. You can have a sunny room without the damage.

Keep the Room from Heating Up

In the summer, especially, skylights cause your home to heat up significantly. With the angle of the glass, it can actually bring in more heat to your home than flat windows. By applying a film, you can reduce the heat that comes through the glass and lower your power bill in the summer.


Protect Glass from Storms

3M Film reinforces glass and helps to protect against storm damage. It makes glass stronger and able to withstand higher winds. Also, if the glass should happen to break, it will keep the glass from shattering all over your home. It makes cleanup easier, as well as provide safety for your family.

If you are in need of window tinting Springfield, IL, J & J Inc. is the right option for you. We are skilled in applying film and are a 3M Window Film dealer. We use material you can trust with workmanship that is of high quality.