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Window tinting has grown in popularity amongst homeowners and business owners. Having a film applied to the glass in your home has many benefits.

J & J Inc. is a local window tinting shop in Greenview, Illinois. We serve the Springfield and surrounding areas as well. We make it our job to make sure that the residents and business owners are satisfied with the window tinting we provide.tinting-shop

Why Do Homeowners and Business Owners Have 3M Window Film Applied to Their Windows?

Some chose to have 3M Window Films applied to their glass to reduce glare and heat in their rooms. This provides them with lower air conditioning bills and keeps a home feeling more comfortable in the summer months.

Others want the film to protect their glass from storms and high winds. The tint makes glass stronger and able to withstand more.

Window tinting can also protect against break-ins. When glass is strong, it makes it harder to break. If a burglar has a hard time getting into your home or business, they are more likely to get discourage and walk away.

Why Do People Choose To Go Without Window Tint?

A lot of people choose to go without window tint for a number of reasons. Some individuals are concerned about finding a local window tint shop that will do a good job. They are not sure who they can trust. Here at J & J Inc, we have a great track record with our customers.

Other people are concerned about the price of having window tint installed on their glass. Many do not even bother getting a price quote because they feel the cost will be more than they can afford.


Window tinting is not as expensive as one might think. Not only that, it can add value to your home as well as reduce power bills. There is no harm in getting a free quote for your home.

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Here at J & J, we make it easy for you to get a quote for window tinting. With our online estimator, you can’t get the quote from the comfort of your home. This simple process takes only a few minutes.

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