Window Tinting for Your Home

When you are thinking about home improvements and energy saving ideas, window tinting may not be the first thing on your list. This valuable service can do more for the comfort of your home than you realize.

You might be surprised at the number of benefits to having window treatments done on your home. First of all, the tint provides you with great energy saving benefits. Did you know that many people lose an average of $60 a month on their power bill by heating and cooling escaping the home?

How Does Tinting Make My Home More Energy Efficient?

Window tint serves more than one role in energy efficiency. In the summer, darker tints can filter out light. When your home is not as hot, you won’t need to run as much air.

window tinting

Here in Springfield, IL, the biggest concerns will be heat gain in the summer. However, with the cold winters we experience, window tinting can provide insulation as well.

Glass is one of the biggest places in your home that warm air escapes. If you get near a window on a cold day, you’ll know how much cooler it is in that area. Window tinting can provide some insulation.

Are There Other Benefits to Having Tint Installed?

Your home can benefit from more than the energy saving properties of tinting. Storms that bring in high winds can put your glass at risk of breaking. When you have window film applied to the glass, it will protect you and your family should the glass break.

Not only does it prevent glass from flying all over your home, it strengthens it. This means it is harder to break the glass whether by natural disaster or home invasion. Having window tint installed is one more way to keep your home from falling victim to a break in.

Who Can I get to Install it Properly in Illinois?

It is best to have window tinting installed by a professional. When putting up an adhesive film, it takes precision and the proper tools. If the tint is not installed properly, it will not be as effective.

J and J Inc serves the Springfield, Peoria, Bloomington, Decatur, Jacksonville, Illinois areas as well as all of Central Illinois. If you are in need of a reliable company to install your window film, we are the right choice for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us today should you need any assistance.