Why Should You Hire A Professional For Window Tinting ?

Even though you may be a big DIY fan, some things are simply not meant to be done by yourself. Like residential and commercial window tinting, for example. Window tinting needs to be done by a professional for several compelling reasons:

A Pro is Familiar with Tinting Regulations

Window tinting can get you in big trouble if not done properly. Windows that are too dark can be considered a safety concern by law enforcement officers as different cities and states have different regulations regarding the window tinting.  If you decide to tint your windows by yourself check the local law regulations and make sure to adhere to these standards.


The Quality of the Material

The second problem is the quality of the material in some DIY kits. Most films in DIY kits are of questionable quality and do not match the professional-grade used by professional window tinting companies like J&J Inc. You can tint windows by yourself, but the end result is rarely anywhere near perfect. You will probably end up with streaks and bubbles and in the end you will waste your money. Professionals have the equipment and materials necessary to do it correctly the first time.

Protection from the Sun

Window tinting is also meant to protect your home or business from UVA rays, UVB rays and summer heat while providing customer and employee comfort. With DIY window tinting kits, what you pay is what you get.  Make sure you are ordering a quality product from an experienced window tinting company.

Protection from the Sun


Most window-tinting companies give guarantees to all their customers so if something should happen or you’re simply not satisfied they will fix it for free. If you do it by yourself, on the other hand, you have to fix it at your own expense.

If you’re trying to save some money by doing it yourself, bear in mind that the process of installing window tint is harder than it looks and sooner or later you will have to ask a pro for assistance.  So why not save yourself some time and money right at the beginning?